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The Horrendous Anime Man Does A-Kon 24!

Hello Clickthrough

Are you still reading?

Do these words distract you from more important things you could be doing?  Does Henderson want those papers on his desk by tomorrow morning?

If you’ve found enough time in your incredibly important life to spend on the internet finding this website, then by all means, congratulations.

Why?  Because of the ocean of content that’s available, and the metaphorical water pressure involved, that’s enough to crush any artist like an ant.

There’s so much content in 2013, new artists are like those little microbes that live in sea trench volcanoes.  You need technologically advanced equipment to even know they exist, and they survive in the closest conditions to hell yet recorded.

A place known by its scientific name,

Art School.

Season 1, Episode 7 Placeholder Link.